Sunday, July 29, 2012

Visualisation Exercise

Visualisation Exercise
Narrate the following to your class.
It is early morning. And, it is your birthday. You are very excited. You open your eyes. You can’t believe what you see. You rub your eyes again. He smiles at you and wishes you “Happy Birthday”. It’s none other than Harry Potter! With a twinkle in his eyes, he says “I’ve got a surprise for you”! “Hop along”! Both of you get on the broom and whoosh…you fly out of the window. You can feel the wind against your face. Harry Potter turns back at you and says, “I will take you to another land”. Descending towards the path below, he says,” Look to your right”. You turn and see a handsome man. He has long flowing best clothes, a crown on his head, a long sword that shines against the sun. Beside him you see a beautiful woman. Her face partially shadowed by the rich cover over her. There are many soldiers around them and thousands of people working. It seems they are building something, something very huge and long. It looks like a wall with watchtowers. You are now walking along as you watch them work. You look ahead and see other people are taking their cattle to the fields. You hear a lot of mooing and the clatter of bells. You can see people wearing triangle shaped hats. As you walk along, you see elderly people drinking something hot from their small bowls. They are laughing and chatting. One of them looks at you and smiles. You smile back. Suddenly your attention is drawn towards the laughter of small children. You look and see across on the fields, the children are running about and holding a long string in their hands and looking up and having a great time. You look up and try and see what is at the end of the string. There is a loud bang. You are frightened! But then you look up and find that it has become night. Just like magic, you see the pretty rainbow colours in the sky and the lanterns swinging on the poles. People everywhere are dressed beautifully in nice shiny clothes. You see the bright colours- red, and yellow, pink, purple.
End the visualisation exercise. Tell students to open their eyes slowly and relax.

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