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An overview of projects suggested for class 10

Projects For English Projects for English

Classroom Process
We have to brainstorm on the nature of the project and evolve the tools required for carrying
out the work. The following process is suggested.
Stage 1: Brainstorming (One period)
• Interaction on the task suggested
• Brainstorming on the information to be collected, tools required, sources, type of work
to be done, formats for consolidation, analysis and report writing.
• Let children decide the tools individually
• Sharing in groups and reaching at consensus on the tools
• Building up consensus in the whole class
At the end of this we expect that all children will have a fairly good idea about the nature of
the project work and how it is to be carried out.
Stage II. Data Collection (One week – homework)
• Collecting data (Home task which may take one week )
Once the data is collected we need to go for a classroom process for consolidating the data.
This is to be followed by brainstorming on the structure of the report.
Stage III. Consolidating the data and deciding the structure of the Report – One period)
• Let children sit in groups and share what they have collected
• They have to record the data using a certain format
• Brainstorming on the structure of the report. Questions may be asked to elicit the
Project Report
1. Name of the project
2. Tools for data collection
3. Consolidated data (using various graphic organizers such as table, pie diagrams, bar
diagrams, fish bone diagrams, etc.)
4. Analysis – interpreting data and capturing the data in descriptive statements,
incorporating supportive evidences like photographs and pictures
5. Findings
6. Reflections, suggestions on the project
• Write the structure on the chart / BB
English - Class X - Handbook 117
Stage IV: Writing the report (2 days – home work)
Stage V: Refining and Presenting the Report (2 periods)
• Let one or two students to present what they have written
• Let them sit in groups and refine the report
• Monitoring the group work by the teacher
• Presentation by the groups
(The report will have various part s in it. Groups can divide these among the members so that
each member can present one part of it.)
Evaluation of projects and awarding grades
Any project involves both individual and group work; therefore, assessment has to take
care of both. Let us see what is the nature of work done by the individuals at various stages:

Individual Writing
1. The tools developed by the individual after the brain storming session
2. The data collected and how it is entered in the notebook
3. Individual report
Individual Oral performance
• during the brain storming stages
• sharing in the group
• presentation of one part of the report
We can use indicators like the following for the written work.
1. Tools: relevance, well-formed structures
2. Data collected: relevance of the data, comprehensiveness, well-formed structures
3. Report: the same indicators mentioned in the academic standards ( appropriate title,
objective, scope, relevance- organization-analysis- using well-formed structures- using
cohesive devices – coherence – reflections or point of view)
We can use indicators like the following of oral work
• ideas are conveyed
• properly articulated
• contextually relevant language used
The project carries 6 marks for the written work and 4 marks for the oral. Consider the
indicators holistically and award marks accordingly.

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