Thursday, September 22, 2011


Present Wishes

Present wishes indicate
something that is "contrary
to fact." That is, wishes are
something that is untrue but
desired. For example,
I wish that I had a sports car.
I wish that I were a doctor.
(The truth is I don't have a
sports car.)
(I 'm really not a doctor.)
For present wishes, the
past tense is used in the
that clause, because it
indicates a situation that is
only imagined. Sometimes
the word that is omitted.
She wishes (that ) she had a
diamond ring.
He wishes (that ) he were rich.
To express possibility (can)
and future intention (will) ,
use the modals could and
would respectively.
She wishes that she could
They wish that she would
stop .
When a "be" verb is
required, the word were is
used, regardless of the
We wish you were here.
I wish (that ) I were taller.
Touchy Situations , Chapter 19
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