Monday, October 3, 2011


Take 3-4 large pictures/
photos and stick them on
card. Pictures can come
from Sunday
supplements, travel
brochures, calendars,
magazine adverts etc.
Pictures specific to
students’ interests will
motivate them e.g . film
stills, cartoons, news
stories, famous paintings,
famous people.
Draw puzzle shapes on
the back of each picture
(4 -5 shapes) and cut out
the picture pieces.
Give each student in the
class a jigsaw piece. They
must not show their
piece to anyone.
Students then mingle and
question each other
about what is on their
puzzle piece to try and
find people with pieces
of the same jigsaw.
The object of the game is
to find all pieces and put
together the jigsaw. The
first complete picture
puzzle wins.
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